Does Gorilla Glue Work on Fabric? A Complete Guide

Suppose you’ve got ripped jeans or tons of sequins that keep falling when you wash. Sewing can help. But what if you’re not good at sewing? Ugh! Such a misery.

No need to bum out. All you need is an easy and fast-track alternative. And that’s where Gorilla glue comes in handy. But, does Gorilla glue work on fabric?

Well, indeed it does. It’s a versatile adhesive that works on almost all materials, including fabric! You’ll find it as your ideal “no-sew” solution. Be it hems or trims or any other thing concerned with the cloth.

Does Gorilla Glue Work on Fabric

As a result, you can still go with any fabric crafts with no work of the needle. If you aren’t able to connect with the idea of Gorilla glue, I can help. It’s a PUR (Polyurethane) adhesive.

Max stability is what it has to offer. A plus point is that there’s no chance you can go fussy when it comes to applying this glue. It’s because it comes with an easy-to-use criterion. 

Further, you’ll see that it’s the same usage role held as regular fabric glue. Thus, you can repair your damaged piece of clothing in no time on a short-term notice. It’s no big deal.

Let’s make you fall for fabric crafts, resting gluing up the task on the fav Gorilla adhesive!

Can You Use Gorilla Glue Work on Fabric?

Of course, you can. Gorilla glue works fine on any type of fabric. You’re sure to get excited hearing that such PUR adhesives help you to create hems and seams. Instead of the original style, choose the Gorilla glue specific for fabric.

Can You Use Gorilla Glue Work on Fabric

Since we’ve already cleared up its versatility, there’s more to surprise. Go ahead and apply patches, rhinestones, trims, or beads to any fabric of your choice using this great glue. A quick setting is what you get. Thus it allows your repair work to complete sooner than imagined.

So, if you’re worried and don’t know whether you should move on with this adhesive for your cloth, worry no more. Gorilla adhesive is one of the high-strength variants of glue available in the markets today.

And all the credit goes for its highly stable bonding feature and durability. You’re sure to love it because it’s totally waterproof. No matter how many times you wash a gorilla-glued fabric, the bond stays intact!

Does Gorilla Glue Work on Fabric?

When it comes to fabric crafts, Gorilla glue works great on fabric. We know the sewing misery that you face when it comes to quick fabric fixes. But Gorilla glue is here to end it at once.

It caters to a no-sew solution that can attach any piece of clothing items in a blink. Your project seems fine with no mess around as it dries and gets clear. 

Gorilla Glue Work on Fabric

Be careful to pick this type of glue specified for fabric. If you set out o buy any such fabric-related Gorilla glue, check its back or labels. 

It’ll give you thumbs up and downs regarding which type of material it suits more. For example, Gorilla Waterproof Fabric Glue can deal with tight weave polyester, cotton, denim, and canvas.

But as you spill it on velvet or any loose weave fabric, it starts to bleed through the cloth. So it’s always better to go for a patch test on your selected piece of cloth.

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Does Gorilla Super Glue Work on Fabric?

Similar to ordinary Gorilla glue, its super glue version also works nicely on fabric. You can permanently glue up your piece of clothing with this glue. Just like the name, it bonds super fast!

Does Gorilla Super Glue Work on Fabric

You’re sure to get a stronger bond with Gorilla super glue instead of the original one. No matter what the situation is, it can resist all impacts in no time. But this type of Gorilla adhesive is not an all-rounder.  

If you lack time and need a quick tool to fix your torn fabric or attach hems, this adhesive is your remedy. Though the bond seems hard to detach, it’s pretty flexible. As a result, it dries very fast and gives you the washing benefits in a machine.

But there’s a slight issue that stands in your way. Super Gorilla glue is an expanding glue. As you brush it over your fabric, it bubbles up and expands when dry. Hence it spills a lot. Fast dry and spilling make it adds to your misery to use on fabric crafts.

Will Regular Gorilla Glue Work on Fabric?

Let’s reveal a harsh fact about Gorilla glue, the regular one. Well, an ordinary gorilla works for tough repairs at best. For example, craft plans that add ceramic, foam, glass, concrete, foam, and woodwork give outstanding results.

Will Regular Gorilla Glue Work on Fabric

But as you jump to work on fabric, the regular gorilla glue won’t come in handy. This formula is designed merely for the outdoors. That’s why you’ll find it doesn’t give off a neat finish. Besides, this glue expands and dries in no moment.

So, it better goes well if you pour it out of corners or a visible crack. You’ll figure out that its quick-drying property causes the gluing stability to last longer than expected. But the downfall is, it ruins the fabric material making a lot of mess.

As a result, the glue starts to crack eventually and damage your fabric by cutting through it. It ends up with a final warning. Do not go ahead and use a regular Gorilla adhesive on fabric by no chance!!

Is Gorilla Glue Good for Fabric?

Well, the Gorilla glue specified for fabric is a good choice. It attaches any two or more pieces of cloth firm enough. You’ll see it bonds in no time.

Is Gorilla Glue Good for Fabric

A plus point is that the bonding lasts longer! If your beads or ribbons often fall off your cloth, reattach them forever using this unique glue.

It’s ideal for hems or trims. But does not go along with all types of fabric. This PUR glue relies on moisture to bond, expand and foam. As a result, the messiness ruins natural materials like wool.

You’re yet to find one more issue. When working with some natural fibers, it reacts highly. Thus there are chances it would burst into flame and cause choking smoke.

On working with some unsuitable fabrics, you end up having a loose bond. As an output, your piece of cloth turns brittle 

and flexes the wrong way.

So, choose your fabric’s bonding settlement prior to applying this glue. You’re going to find no sticky residue or stain for its crystal-clear formula. Indeed!

Gorilla Clear Waterproof Fabric Glue review

When you want an alternative to the old needle and thread thing, Gorilla Clear Waterproof Fabric Glue is your top pick. It’s a high-strength adhesive that sets fast. A permanent bond is guaranteed!

Gorilla Clear Waterproof Fabric Glue review

Check Price on Amazon

2.5 ounces fit for any large fabric project. You’re going to love its versatility when it comes to attaching the fabric. It gives outstanding results on fabrics like cotton, canvas, denim, and tight weave polyester. Make sure you go with a test patch first.

But it’s better not to use it on fabrics like satin, velvet, and tulle. A notable trait is that the adhesive bonds so hard that it remains flexible even after many washes. It’s because of its being fully waterproof. Stay assured it won’t soak or stain your material.

It turns crystal clear as it dries. Thus, even if you over-glue your material, it won’t look fussy and messy. You can attach embellishments too with this. For example, beads felt, sequin, ribbons, and more!

Pros Cons of Using Gorilla Glue on Clothes and Fabric


  • 100% resistant to water
  • Gives permanent bonding to fabric
  • Caters to fast-setting no-sew solution
  • Leaves no sticky residue or stains
  • Works well on fabrics like cotton, polyester, denim, felts, or any tight weave material
  • Turns crystal clear as it dries, with no messy spots on the clothes


  • Not fit to use on delicate, loose weave, or thin fabrics
  • Needs extra care while pressing the glue tube to avoid the mess

How to Use Gorilla Glue on fabric

Well, don’t be scared stiff of hearing the name. Though using Gorilla glue on material like fabric seem a bit fussy, it’s no biggie. Trust me. That’s why here we’ll hand you a complete guide on its application method.

How to Use Gorilla Glue on fabric

Before that, make sure you go for a patch test first. It’ll aid you in judging if this adhesive suits your chosen fabric or not. Let’s make a move and learn how to use it!

Method of using:

  • First, prewash the fabric. Take care not to add any softeners to clothes.
  • Dry out the piece you’re working on and wait till it’s sundry.
  • When you find it fully dry, apply the Gorilla adhesive on the material you want to glue up and bond.
  • Let the adhesive dry out partially before you attach the fabrics. 
  • Waiting for a minute or two seems fine here so that the material binds strongly.
  • Next, press the pieces of fabric together. Keep holding it firmly.
  • Allow a 24 hours cure time for settling the glue. Or, fan up the curing process using a heat lamp or a blow dryer.

Pro Tip: It’s not wise to put your glued-up clothes in the washer or drier until passing a minimum of 3 days after attaching them. After that, you can go for a gentle wash with no/too little heat.

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Final Words

Now, what is your call? can gorilla glue be used on fabric? If you’ve paved your way till the end of our article, you’re sure to know it’s a yes. It saves your sew time and gives a lasting bond.

Gorilla glue is a golden pick when it comes to fabric crafts or repair tasks. With its simple use, you can attach as many pieces of fabric as you desire in an instant. 

But stay alert about how your fabric will react when spilled with Gorilla glue. So, before advancing, give check the fabric list your adhesive finds suitable.

So, get ready to make your fabric crafts firm that lasts longer with Gorilla glue!

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