The 8 Best Fabric Cutting Machines (Reviews for 2023)

So, you want the best, right? Well, here you have it! In this article, I’m introducing some of the best fabric cutting machines in the industry. Each of these gems shall offer you optimum functionality, benefits, and many more.

Read the review section, and you shall have a clear idea of what I’m talking about. 

Best Fabric Cutting Machine

In addition to that, I have provided you clear details on how to can you get the best of the best, the types, and much other info. Do not worry! I have made sure to provide you with all the info in such a way that it should be very easy for you to understand everything. 

Are you ready to become a master of the art of buying fabric cutting machines?

Our Top Picks:

  • Mophron Fabric Cutting Machine
  • AccuQuilt Go Fabric Cutter
  • Circuit Explorer Air 2
  • Brother ScanNCut SD1253 Fabric Cutter
  • Sizzix Big Shot Pro Fabric Die Cutter
  • Reliable 1500FR Octagonal Fabric Cutter
  • Circuit PC2007002 Maker Machine
  • AccuQuilt Go Big Electric Fabric Cutter

Types of Fabric Cutting Machines

The type of fabric-cutting machine is an important factor that you need to consider before buying. You should know, this thing determines numerous things, including efficiency, precision, and tons of other stuff. So, if you want to have the best performance using this item, then you should give it a try. 

Now, previously, I had stated there are three types of fabric-cutting machines:

Manual Fabric Cutting Machine

The name of the item should be pretty self-explanatory. In this kind of machine, you have to do the task on your own. That means you need to input some manual labor to get the best results. Even if you consider that as a con, this type of fabric-cutting machine provides you with superior control. 

Automatic Fabric Cutting Machine

Now, this type of cutting machine prevents any form of physical labor. Here, you literally have to do nothing. Since it is computerized, the precision of the item is much more, and thus, it should offer you the best results.  

Semi-Automatic Fabric Cutting Machine

The semi-automatic offers perks of both of these types. So, if you are planning to get something for DIY purposes, you can opt for this. It allocates you with good precision and control.

Things to Consider When Buying Fabric Cutting Machines

Before you can get yourself a high-quality fabric cutting machine, there are a few things that you have to keep in mind. Now, if you are new in the business, you might not know what those things are. So, let us enlighten you. By the way, even if you are a pro, a little revision is never a bad thing. 

Variant of Fabric Cutting Machine

There are three different genres of cutting machines (which you will see in the next section). Now, each of these three machines offers its own perks and features. So, if you want to have the best experience while using a fabric cutter, you need to choose something that is ideal for the purpose. 

Do not worry, the next section contains all the necessary info on the matter, and hence, it should let you decide which one is the best option for you. 

Easy Carriage

Let us face it, most of the time, you would have to carry the cutting machine to a workstation. That could be either to your job, your office, or anywhere. In short, a fabric cutting machine should be easy to move from one spot to the other if you want to have the most fun using it. 

Therefore, the solution is to opt for something that is light and compact. Due to these attributes, you should be able to carry an item from one place to the other with grave ease. Also, there are some machines that were designed to be moved easily. 

Hence, if you are planning to have the best experience in this sector, you can opt for any one of them. 

Compact Dimension

Apart from easy transport from one place to another, there is another ergonomic factor that you have to take into consideration. That is the uncomplicated stationing. So, if you want that, then the item should not be bulky!

Power & Accessories

The efficiency of this kind of product can be determined using two things. One of them is the power of the item. If the motor of the unit is powerful, then it should be able to cut through anything with ease. Moreover, higher power means that it would take much less time to complete the task. 

Furthermore, the product should be compatible with various kinds of accessories. Having such a trait should give you the chance to operate the item for several purposes. 

Top 8 Best Fabric Cutting Machines Reviews

It is not every day that you come across some of the most prominent fabric cutting machines in the business. Each of these gems will offer you tons of functionality, perks, and numerous other things.

In short, if you want to explore new realms of tailoring or other tasks where cutting fabric is necessary, you must try these!

1. Mophron Commercial Fabric Cutting Machine with Auto Knife Sharpen 

If you have been in the business, then you should have heard the name Mophron. The company is an esteemed organization that is well-recognized for offering exceptional products. Therefore, if you buy this one, then you can expect high-quality performance from the company.

Mophron Commercial Fabric Cutting Machine

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Firstly, the machine operates at an extreme speed. The rotors on the device moving at a speed of 2850 RPM (Rates Per Minute). Such a high speed generates superb cutting parameters, and hence, it should allow you to cut through any cloth-like its butter.

Moreover, it’s adept for working on numerous genres of clothing. Starting from leather to more delicate and complex stuff like cotton and silk, the item will allow you to cut them all. Besides, it has a very durable metal construction. Therefore, it should serve you for a very long time.

If these are not enough, then it comes with a safety mechanism that ensures no harm comes to you when you are using it. So, you can operate in a comfortable environment and mindset.


  • Robust and long-lasting build ensures everlasting service
  • Ideal for cutting complex and fragile material
  • Offers extreme speeds for swift and efficient operation
  • Compact and lightweight construction provides easy stationing
  • Features an auto-sharpening attribute


  • Not ideal for heavy-duty clothes or material


If you are looking for an ideal cutting machine for working on delicate clothes, then you should give this a try. All the exceptional attributes that it offers will have hooked to the item.

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2. AccuQuilt Go Fabric Cutting Machine for Quilters

Are you looking for a more easy-going and user-friendly fabric cutter? If you are, I might have just the right item for you. The AccuQuilt Go fabric cutting machine is the perfect product for quilters. Do you want to know why? Well, firstly, the unit is the perfect portable cutter. 

AccuQuilt Go Fabric Cutting Machine for Quilters

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It has a very compact and weightless structure, which authorizes effortless transportation and straightforward stationing. Except for that, the design of the merchandise further endorses lenient carriage. So, if you are an on-spot quilter, you might enjoy using this a lot.

By the way, the cutting prowess of the unit is exceptional. It is said to be roughly 90% faster and more productive than most scissors (obviously) and rotary cutting tools. So, you should be able to get your job done in a matter of moments and get the finest results.

Plus, you can use it for numerous quilting operations. It is compatible with a wide array of accessories and options, which should enable you to use the item for loads of other purposes.


  • Permits more efficient and speedy operation
  • You can carry and use this item almost anywhere
  • Easy to use 
  • Can be used for any variant of quilts 


  • Not great for other fragile or heavyweight fabrics


We urge you to give this model a try. It has a revolutionary design and loads of exceptional bonuses, which should come in handy in all kinds of quilting tasks. Give it a try and experience quilting like never before.

3. Circuit Explorer Air 2 for DIY, Crafters & Home Use

We are pretty sure that you have never come across such a masterpiece. The machine is the perfect combo of modern technology and efficient operation. It was crafted to work on almost all types of fabrics. Briefly described, you can use this product on practically 100+ material.

Circuit Explorer Air 2 for DIY, Crafters & Home Use

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In addition to this vast range, the thing can be used for countless purposes. You can use it for DIYing greeting cards, self-crafted gifts, and the options are endless. Plus, you can use this bad boy for more professional chores as well. Hence, no matter what the task, the Air-2 will always have your back. 

Besides, you can say bye-bye to any form of labor. You see, it was designed in such a way that you need to connect it to your PC, create a virtual design, and the item shall provide you the results. Yes, it is that easy and efficient. Plus, this feature eliminates any type of fatal dangers. 


  • You can design on a computer or laptop, and the thing will do the cutting
  • The chances of any danger are diminished
  • Can be used on endless material
  • Stationing it and carrying it is a very straightforward operation


  • The cutting process is a tad slow 


Getting the Air-2 will allow you to create any design and enjoy workless, precise, and exceptional results every time. More importantly, you get to enjoy all these and more at affordable pricing.

4. Brother ScanNCut SD1253 Fabric Cutter with 100 Quilting Patterns

Sometimes, if you want the best, you need to spend a little more than you intend to. But wait till you read all the specifications on this masterpiece! It comes with so much that I assure you that it is going to be one of the best things you have come across in your DIYing life. 

Brother ScanNCut SD1253 Fabric Cutter with 100 Quilting Patterns

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You see, the item can cut through almost any type of fabric. Whether it is vinyl, cardboard, or any form of clothing, the unit will be cutting through them with extreme ease. Also, you can use the product with grave ease. 

All you have to do is input the design using your computer, and voila, the product will start its magic.

Furthermore, the item is precise. Apart from the computerized operation, it has an adjustable 3mm thickness. Therefore, allowing the device to perform the most complex and fine cuts with ease. 


  • You can use it on almost everything
  • Using the machine is a very effortless task
  • Can be stationed anywhere you desire
  • Ideal for all sorts of purposes


  • The unit is a tad expensive


If money is not an issue and you want a state-of-the-art fabric cutter in your arsenal, then this is a must-have. 

5. Sizzix 660550 Big Shot Pro Industrial Fabric Die Cutting Machine

My friend, it is not easy to find a fabric cutting machine that is perfect for operating on an industrial scale. Unlike DIY, there are several things that you have to take into consideration. Luckily, this item has all of them! You should know, it comes with all the necessary equipment to ensure you can use it for everything. 

 Sizzix 660550 Big Shot Pro Industrial Fabric Die Cutting Machine

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Besides that, it is extremely sturdy. It has been constructed from steel, aluminum, and a complex metal alloy. Thanks to these, I can assure you that it will offer long-term service and can be used for any variants of the rigorous task. 

Aside from these, the product confirms superb accuracy. A superb blade that guarantees that it can slice through any material with ease. Speaking of materials, I can assure you that they can work on almost anything. Thus, you can cut anything with pinpoint accuracy. 

By the way, the versatility of the unit does not end with its exceptional range of options and precision. It is compatible with various types of accessories of the Sizzix company. 


  • You can use the item for numerous purposes
  • The blades ensure top-notch precision and cutting capabilities
  • Comes with a robust and long-lasting build
  • Compact and feather-like of the item assures unfussy placing and carrying


  • Sometimes the accessories are not very good


DIY and Industrial crafting are very different. In industrial, you require something that is efficient, accurate, and will ensure prolonged service, all of which you will find within this one. 

6. Reliable 1500FR Octagonal Knife Cloth Cutter Machine

It is not an easy deal to find a world-class product, and if you search the market, you will find so many products claiming to be the best that it will give you additional stress. So, get stress-free and try this bad boy! 

Reliable 1500FR Octagonal Knife Cloth Cutter Machine

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Right off the bat, it comes at reasonable pricing. Hence, you can enjoy all the top-class perks that it has to offer without any issue. Now, let us talk about the perks. It has a dependable and robust construction. 

The metal exterior of the unit makes it impervious to rust, dents, and scratches and so confirms that it shall be by your side for a long time. Along with that, the unit grants incredible accuracy. It can cut anything up to a thickness of an inch, which offers you the best results every time. 

We would like to know, does sharpening seem like a hassle to you? Say adios to that. The 1500FR has an auto sharpening attribute, which permits you to sharpen the unit without putting in any effort. Additionally, its ultimate motor ensures extraordinary power. 


  • The machine can generate extreme torque that is ideal for cutting anything
  • Arrives with an auto-sharpening system, so you do not have to do whatever
  • You can adjust the thickness and get the best results
  • Affordable price rates


  • You might have to find several accessories


If you are looking for an industrial-grade fabric cutting machine, which offers tons of perks and functionality- you need to try it!

7. Circuit PC2007002 Maker Machine for Quilt, DIY & Craft

You have stumbled upon one of the most prominent fabric cutting machines in the market. Now, I’m pretty confident that you would like to know why! Allow us to do the honors and give you all the reasons why one should have this in their collection. 

Circuit PC2007002 Maker Machine for Quilt, DIY & Craft

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One of the most lucrative features of this item is its extensive range of operable choices.

You should know, the item can work on more than 300 fabrics and other materials, which means that you can literally use the item to cut almost anything. Besides that, the product certifies excellent versatility as well as precision. 

It arrives with two blade systems, one for cutting fabrics or clothing material and the other for cutting more heavy-duty and firmer objects. In addition to all these, the item has very compact dimensions and weightless construction. Due to these, you can place the item anywhere in your office, home, or workplace. 

Listen up, do not be fooled by its elegant and fragile appearance. The unit was crafted to ensure optimum longevity, and thus, I’m sure that it will keep providing you with the best results for a long time. 


  • You can cut clothing fabrics and other soft materials, and much harder stuff
  • Light and compact build facilitates easy positioning
  • Using the product is a very straightforward chore
  • Robust and efficient blade


  • The cost of the item is a tad expensive


There are times when you have to compromise on the price in order to receive the best performance. Well, with this one, that is the case. All the top-notch perks and features that this item offers overpower the cons and make it the perfect choice. 

8. AccuQuilt Go Big Electric Fabric Cutting Machine

AccuQuilt is one of the biggest names in the world of quilting. Ergo, if you want to enjoy one of the best performances when it comes to fabric cutting machines, I suggest that you give this a go. 

AccuQuilt Go Big Electric Fabric Cutting Machine

Check Price on Amazon

The unit is one of the smartest items in the business. You can connect it to your laptop or PC, build your design within the system, and command the product to start crafting. Also, once the merchandises commence its task, it takes a couple of minutes to efficiently finish the task. 

All the accessories necessary for doing anything will be provided on the day of purchase. Thus, you are prepared for all sorts of projects without facing any issues. By the way, using the item is a very effortless task. It has a ‘place & press’ functionality. Because of this, you get to use the item with grave ease. 

Furthermore, thanks to its small infrastructure, you can place it anywhere that you desire. 


  • Uncomplicated operation
  • Compatible with numerous sorts of AccuQuilt equipment and merch
  • You can place it anywhere
  • Can be used to cut any variant of quilts


  • Not ideal for more heavy-duty fabrics or items


If you are looking for an exceptional quilt cutter that confirms all the necessary perks and functionality, then you might have found the most prominent option.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which one is superior, AccuQuilt or Circuit?

If you are looking for something that enables you to cut almost anything, then a circuit is best for you. On the flip side, if you can cut anything but are looking for accurate design parameters, you can opt for AccuQuilt. 

Is it possible to die-cut fabric?

Yes, it is! Die-cutting ensures a finer finish and ensures the best results for everything you use it. 

Can you name one good fabric cutter for a novice?

If you are new to the fabric-cutting business, then you might opt for Circuit Air Explorer. These genres of fabric cutters shall offer the best operation and will enable you to learn the art easily. 

Can you cut without a fabric cutter?

Of course, you can! Before these machines came into existence, people used to cut everything using their hands. Nonetheless, cutting these using hand and simple tools is a tad inefficient and might beget inaccurate results.

Is it wise to use these for cutting sturdy material?

Well, it is as long as the product is compatible with it. You should find such information in the instruction manual.

Final Words

If you have reached so far, then by now, you can deem yourself a fabric cutter guru as you have all the necessary info. Plus, I have provided you with some of the best fabric cutting machines in the market. So, have you found the one you are looking for all this time? I’m pretty sure you did!

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