The 7 Best Fabric Freshener Sprays for 2023 (Reviews)

Fabric freshener spray is a kind of air spray that you can use to freshen up the fabric, clothes, any room, carpet, or upholstery, and even you can use it inside the car for freshening up.

If you’d like to keep your fabric, clothing, upholstery, furniture, carpet, and room fresh & clean without hard-working, then fabric refresher or freshener spray is an ideal product for you.

Also, you can use fabric fresheners on your bedding to have a perfect sleeping experience.

best fabric freshener

Many people use fabric refreshers to refresh their rooms, clothes, carpets, upholstery, bedding, and more. If you’re not an existing user of fabric refresher, then you can try it. I hope you’ll fall in love with it, and you’ll continue it as well. Fabric fresheners are safe for almost all kinds of fabrics, including clothing, upholstery, and carpet.

Here, in this review content, we’re going to review the seven best fabric freshener sprays. At first, I spent two days selecting these freshener sprays. We’ve selected only the best products from a big list for you, and these fresheners are top-rated and high-quality.

So, if you want the best fabric refresher spray for furniture, fabric, clothes, upholstery, carpet, room, or car, you can select one from our list.

What Is Fabric Freshener?

Fabric freshener, also called fabric spray or fabric refresher, is a product used to eliminate odors from fabrics without washing. It’s applied as a liquid spray and contains water, fragrance, and odor-neutralizing agents.

When sprayed on fabrics like clothing, upholstery, bedding, and curtains, it neutralizes or masks unpleasant smells, leaving a fresh scent behind. Fabric fresheners are useful for maintaining items between washes and for fabrics that can’t be easily cleaned. They’re applied on clothing that’s been worn briefly, upholstery, and more.

However, they’re not a substitute for washing heavily soiled items. Fabric fresheners offer a convenient way to keep fabrics smelling clean and pleasant without the need for a full wash cycle.

What Is Fabric Freshener Used For?

Fabric freshener is used to eliminate odors from various fabrics without the need for washing. It’s particularly useful for items that can’t be easily laundered or fabrics that don’t require a full wash but have developed unwanted smells due to daily use or environmental factors.

This product, typically available as a liquid spray, contains odor-neutralizing agents and fragrances. When sprayed on fabrics such as clothing, upholstery, bedding, curtains, and carpets, it neutralizes or masks odors, leaving a refreshed scent.

Fabric fresheners are commonly employed to extend the time between washes for lightly used clothes, maintain the cleanliness of upholstered furniture, keep bedding smelling fresh, and refresh curtains and carpets.

However, they’re not intended to replace thorough washing for heavily soiled fabrics.

Things To Check When You Buy Fabric Freshener?

When purchasing fabric freshener, there are several factors to consider to ensure you’re getting a product that meets your needs and preferences:

  1. Ingredients: Check the list of ingredients to make sure the product is safe for your fabrics and doesn’t contain any allergens or chemicals you’re sensitive to.
  2. Scent: Choose a scent that you find appealing and that won’t cause any discomfort to you or others who will be around the treated fabrics.
  3. Allergies and Sensitivities: If you or anyone using the fabric freshener has allergies or sensitivities, opt for hypoallergenic or fragrance-free options.
  4. Suitability for Fabrics: Ensure the fabric freshener is suitable for the types of fabrics you intend to use it on, whether it’s clothing, upholstery, bedding, curtains, or other items.
  5. Application: Check whether the product can be directly sprayed onto fabrics or if it needs to be diluted with water before use.
  6. Odor Elimination: Look for a product that specifically claims to neutralize odors rather than just masking them with fragrance.
  7. Longevity of Scent: Consider how long the fresh scent will last on the fabrics after application.
  8. Residue: Check if the fabric freshener leaves behind any residue that might affect the feel or appearance of the fabric.
  9. Test Compatibility: If possible, test the fabric freshener on a small, inconspicuous area of the fabric to ensure it doesn’t cause discoloration or damage.
  10. Size and Packaging: Consider the size of the bottle or container and whether it’s convenient for your intended usage. Some fabric fresheners come in travel-friendly sizes.
  11. Reviews and Recommendations: Look for reviews from other customers to get an idea of the effectiveness and quality of the product.
  12. Environmental Impact: Some fabric fresheners are formulated with eco-friendly and biodegradable ingredients, which might be important to you if you’re concerned about the environment.
  13. Brand Reputation: Choose a reputable brand known for producing quality fabric care products.
  14. Price: Compare prices and consider the value you’re getting for the product.

By considering these factors, you can select a fabric freshener that suits your preferences, needs, and the fabrics you’ll be using it on.

How To Use Fabric Freshener?

Using fabric freshener is a simple process, and it can vary slightly based on the specific product you have. Here’s a general guide on how to use fabric freshener effectively:

  1. Read Instructions: Start by reading the instructions on the fabric freshener bottle. Different products might have specific guidelines for application.
  2. Test in a Small Area: Before using the fabric freshener on a larger, visible area, test it on a small, inconspicuous part of the fabric to ensure it doesn’t cause any adverse reactions like discoloration or damage.
  3. Shake the Bottle: Give the fabric freshener bottle a gentle shake to ensure that the ingredients are well mixed.
  4. Hold at a Distance: Hold the fabric freshener bottle about 6-12 inches away from the fabric surface you want to treat. Holding it too close can lead to over-saturation.
  5. Spray Evenly: Spray a light, even mist of the fabric freshener onto the fabric. Be cautious not to soak the fabric, as excessive moisture can lead to issues like staining or prolonged drying times.
  6. Focus on Odor-Prone Areas: Concentrate on areas that are prone to absorbing odors, such as underarms on clothing, areas where pets frequent, or upholstery that might trap smells.
  7. Allow to Air Dry: After spraying, allow the fabric to air dry. The fabric freshener will work to neutralize odors as it dries.
  8. Check Compatibility: After the fabric is dry, check for any changes in color or texture. If the fabric freshener doesn’t cause any negative effects, you can continue using it.
  9. Reapply as Needed: If the fabric still has lingering odors, you can reapply the fabric freshener as necessary. However, avoid overusing it, as excessive application might lead to residue buildup.
  10. Store Properly: Store the fabric freshener in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight and heat, to maintain its effectiveness.

Remember that fabric fresheners are meant for maintenance and light odor removal. For heavily soiled fabrics or items with tough stains, washing is still the most effective option. Additionally, be mindful of any allergies or sensitivities you or others might have to the ingredients or fragrance in the fabric freshener.

Top 7 Best Fabric Freshener Spray Reviews

  1. FREY Nomad Fabric Freshener Spray
  2. Febreze Fabric Refresher & Odor Eliminator Spray
  3. San Francisco Soap Company Egyptian Cotton & Linen Spray
  4. Grab Green Natural Fabric & Room Air Freshener
  5. Clorox Scentiva Multi-Use Fabric Freshener
  6. Downy Wrinkle Release Spray, Odor Eliminator
  7. DRMTLGY Lavender Essential Oil & Chamomile Pillow Spray

1. FREY Nomad Fabric Freshener Spray – Linen and Fabric Deodorizer Spray


FREY Nomad Fabric Freshener Spray- Linen and Fabric Deodorizer Spray is specially designed for treating clothes better. The pack comes with two 2 ounce bottles of freshener.

The freshener is made with biodegradable, natural ingredients & essential oils, which means it’s safe to use, and provides a world-class scent.

Also, it’s a safe & ideal refresher spray for sensitive skin.

You can use this fabric & linen spray on your house to leave your whole house smelling fresh. Therefore, if you want, you can go with it anywhere you want.

The fabric spray is perfect for furniture, carpet, top sheets, pillows, blankets, comforters, and other bedding items as well, for sure. Also, you can use it on your bathroom carpets to kill the germs and smell fresh.

However, this freshener spray has 200+ reviews on Amazon, and most of the reviews are positive. So, If you’re looking for the best clothes freshener spray or room freshener, then you can purchase it.

Key Features:

  • It provides a world-class scent.
  • The spray is perfect for furniture, top sheets, pillows, blankets, comforters & more
  • It treats clothing items better
  • Made with biodegradable & natural ingredients
  • Most of the users love it
  • It’s one of the best fabric deodorizer sprays

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2. Febreze Fabric Refresher & Odor Eliminator Spray – Extra Strength & Unstopables Fabric Freshener

Febreze provides us with different types of fabric refresher, odor eliminator sprays, and fabric deodorizer sprays. The Febreze brand is one of the best and most popular fabric freshener brands. Lots of people use Febreze refresher to freshen up their fabric, clothes, bedding, car interior, and room as well.

This Febreze Fabric Refresher & Odor Eliminator Spray pack comes with two 27-ounce bottles, one is an extra-strength refresher & odor eliminator, and the other one is an Unstopables Fresh Scent Fabric freshener.

The extra-strength refresher bottle is perfect for removing various types of odors, including pet smells, smoke, and body odors.


It’s an ideal option for fabric, clothes, upholstery, and carpet. It removes odors and leaves your clothes, fabrics, upholstery, and carpet clean and fresh. Also, you can use it in your room to freshen up quickly.

On the other hand, the Unstopables Fresh Scent Fabric freshener is ideal for those items like curtains, bedding, carpets, laundry, and more. It freshens up and leaves your items smelling nice for a long time.

These fresheners are super easy to use. When you want to use them- you can spritz them all over your clothes, fabric, upholstery, bedding, or upholstery.

Note: this Febreze fabric spray combo pack is not for leather, suede, silk, or fabrics that may water spot. So, please don’t use this Febreze fabric refresher and unstoppable fabric freshening scent on your leather, suede, silk, and fabrics that may water spot.

Key Features:

  • It comes with two bottles, refresher & unstoppable scent
  • Removes pet smells, smoke, and body odors
  • Provides long-lasting perfume
  • Perfect for use on clothes, carpet, bedding, furniture, and any room
  • It’s easy to use

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3. San Francisco Soap Company Egyptian Cotton & Linen Spray


This San Francisco Soap Company Egyptian Cotton & Linen fabric Spray package comes with three 16 oz bottles of fabric scent.

The Egyptian Cotton & Linen Scent is a fabric spray scent that is light and fresh.

It’s one of the best linen sprays right now on the market.

You can use it on your clothing items before ironing.

Also, you can spray this linen spray on your bed sheets & pillows. If you use this spray on your bedding items, it could help you & your kids to fall asleep quickly.

If you want, you can use this linen spray on any room to have a light & fresh cotton scent. The cotton & linen spray is made in the USA. Overall, if you’re searching around for the best clothes freshener spray, then you can give it a try to this particular item.

Key Features:

  • It has a light and fresh scent
  • Made in the USA
  • Comes with three 16 oz Spray Bottles
  • Ideal spray to have a perfect long night sleep

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4. Grab Green Natural Fabric & Room Air Freshener

If you’re looking for a freshener spray that is eliminating odors from the bathroom & kitchen and also refreshing fabric & clothes, then Grab Green Natural Fabric & Room Air Freshener is perfect for you.

This fabric & room freshener is naturally made with essential oils, and it contains a natural odor neutralizer.

That’s why it is able to refresh up your fabric & removes odors easily.

The air freshener spray is safe for you because it’s toxic-free and made without phosphates, phthalates, ammonia, formaldehyde, or dyes.


It’s available in different fragrances, including thyme & fig Leaf, gardenia, immortelle & jasmine, red pear & magnolia, and lavender & vanilla.

This freshener is an ideal option for the car interior as well. It can remove athletic gear, dogs, and the smoke smell from your car.

So, if you share the car with people, you can keep this freshener spray in your car, and when needed, spray it in your car and enjoy the fragrance.

Therefore, if you don’t have time to wash your bedding every day, you can spray it on your bedding to keep your bedding smelling fresh.

However, This fabric & room refresher is made in the USA, and it has 500+ customer reviews on Amazon, so if you want, you can try this refresher spray.

Key Features:

  • The spray removes odors & freshening up
  • Can be used as a car freshener spray
  • It’s safe for human, animals, and plants
  • It’s a perfect refresher for couches, clothes, any room, and bedding
  • Comes in different fragrance

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5. Clorox Scentiva Multi-Use Fabric Freshener for Clothes, Upholstery, Curtains & Carpets


If you need a freshener for some hard-to-wash clothes, upholstery, curtains, and carpet, then this Clorox Scentiva Multi-Use Fabric Freshener will be a perfect choice for you. Because it is made out for use on upholstery, curtains, carpet, clothes, and all types of hard-to-wash fabrics.

This Clorox Scentiva Multi-Use Freshener will give you a long-lasting scent.

You can use this instant fabric refreshing spray around pets because it’s safe for them.

The pack comes with only one 16.9 ounce bottle, and it cost less than $ 10. It’s a super easy to use fabric freshening spray.

When needed, you can use it on your household fabrics and carpets, but make sure to spray it from 18-24 inches away.

Key Features:

  • It’s a long-lasting scent
  • Especially made for hard to use fabrics
  • It’s perfect & safe for colored fabrics

6. Downy Wrinkle Release Spray, Odor Eliminator, Fabric & Clothes Refresher Spray

The Downy Wrinkle Release Spray, Odor Eliminator, Fabric & Clothes Refresher Spray is yet another popular fabric freshener & fabric odor eliminator spray. The pack comes with 2-bottles of fabric fresheners.

You don’t need to use an iron to remove wrinkles from your fabric & clothing items.

You can use this fabric freshener spray on your fabric and clothes to remove wrinkles. Also, you can use this spray as an anti-static spray and odor eliminator spray.

The fabric spray is an ideal product for college students, business travelers, but it’s not a recommended product for children under three years. So, please do not use it around your baby under three years old.


The freshener spray is perfect for your curtains, tablecloths, sheets, pillowcases, and more. It’s available since 2011, and it has more than seven thousand customer reviews on Amazon, and most of the customer reviews are positive.

Key Features:

  • It removes wrinkles
  • Can be used as an anti-static spray
  • It’s a great odor eliminator spray
  • It has 7k+ reviews
  • It’s easy to use

7. DRMTLGY Lavender Essential Oil and Chamomile Pillow Spray, Linen Mist, and Fabric Spray


This linen mist & fabric spray is a combination of lavender, chamomile, witch hazel and, jojoba oil. It’s a high-quality sleep-friendly fabric & linen spray. If you’d like to have a fresh sleeping experience, you can use this spray on your bedding items.

The DRMTLGY Lavender Essential Oil and Chamomile Pillow Spray, Linen Mist, and Fabric Spray is a non-toxic and eco-friendly fabric refresher spray.

It does not contain parabens, sulfates, formaldehyde, and hexylene glycol. The fabric & linen spray was never tested on animals, so better not to use it around your pets.

You can use this linen spray on your bed, sheets, pillows, linens, towels, clothing, furniture, yoga mats, cars, and bathroom to leave smelling fresh.

If you have lots of stress, And you can not sleep well at night, You can use this fabric spray on your bedding for stress relief and have a deep sleep.

Overall, it’s one of the best linen sprays right now on the market. So, if you want to purchase a high-quality fabric freshener and linen spray, then you can go for this current fabric refresher spray.

Key Features:

  • It’s non-toxic and eco-friendly
  • Reliefs some stress
  • This fabric freshener spray will provide you with a deep sleep
  • It’s one of the most popular linen sprays

Final Words:

Fabric freshener is a multi-use spray, and you can use refresher spray on your fabric, clothes, linen, bedding, carpet, upholstery, furniture, bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, and more for removing odors & smelling fresh as well.

If you’re a busy person and you don’t have time to wash your clothes, bedding, upholstered furniture, and carpet, then you can use a fabric freshener spray on your items to make them look clean and fresh.

Here, in this post, we’ve added & reviewed the top 7 best fabric freshener sprays. Now I hope you can easily select a fabric freshener, fabric odor eliminator, fabric refresher, or linen spray for your needs.

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