The 10 Best Fabric Spray Paints Reviews (2023)

Fabric spray paint makes fabric painting super easy and fast. You can easily decorate your old & faded fabric, clothes, and upholstery with spray paint. But you need to select the right product for the best result.

Usually, some spray paints are ideal for indoor fabric, and some are perfect for outdoor fabric. Also, some are designed for use on upholstery fabrics.

So, if you want to paint your outdoor fabrics, select a spray paint that is perfect for outdoor fabric, don’t buy spray paint for indoor fabric.

best fabric spray paint

On the other hand, if you want to decorate your indoor fabric with spray paint, make sure to select a product that is ideal for indoor fabrics.

In this review post, we’ve added and reviewed the top 10 best fabric spray paint for fabric & clothes. In our list, we’ve added products for all types of fabrics. Just read the review, and then select one spray paint that is perfect for your fabric.

Top 10 Best Fabric Spray Paint Reviews

1. Tulip Fabric Spray Paint- Multicolor

This Tulip Fabric Spray Paint pack comes with six cans, and these cans are different colors such as red, yellow, green, blue, purple, and black.

These colors are beautiful, permanent, and washable.

These paints are super easy to use and dry super fast, and then when dried, it’s soft to touch. They provide a perfect finish without drips or splatters.

They’re perfect for a dash of color or all-over even coverage. Also, these paints work perfectly with stencils and monograms as well.

With these best fabric spray paints, you can paint your apparel and home décor fabrics to give a new look when needed, but the pack is ideal for light-colored fabrics.

Key Features:

  • Comes in six colors
  • It’s permanent
  • When dried, it’s soft
  • Works perfect on clothing and home decor fabrics
  • These paints don’t drip or splatter

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2. Dupli-Color Black Vinyl and Fabric Spray Paint

Dupli-Color Black Spray Paint is a perfect paint for auto interior fabric and vinyl.

It comes in a spray can, and the can contains 11 oz paint.

This Dupli-Color vinyl & fabric spray paint is flat black but also available in 13 different colors, including gloss black, silver, red, white, blue, medium gray, charcoal gray, burgundy, flat black, desert sand, gloss clear, medium blue, and medium beige as well.

Therefore, it’s easy to use, and it won’t crack, peel, or chip.

With this paint, you can paint your old or faded interior vinyl seats, dashboards, door panels, shifter boots, and consoles to give a new look.

Key Features:

  • It’s perfect for auto fabric and vinyl
  • Available in 13 colors
  • Easy to use
  • It doesn’t crack, peel, or chip

3. Deval Products Glow in The Dark Fabric Spray Paint

If you’re searching for the best glow in the dark spray paint for fabric & clothes, then this Deval Glow in The Dark Fabric Spray Paint is an ideal pick for you.

The pack comes with one 2.5 oz can, and it specially designed for fabric, and it’s an ideal option for crafts and decorating kid’s stuff.

However, it made in the USA.

All in all, if you’re looking for a glow in the dark spray paint for your fabric & clothes, you can purchase this Deval Product.

Key Features:

  • Made in the USA
  • It’s easy to spray
  • Perfect for crats and kid rooms
  • One of the best glow in the dark options for clothes and fabrics

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4. Tulip Colorshot Outdoor Upholstery Spray Paint

This Tulip Colorshot Outdoor Upholstery Fabric Spray Paint comes with four 8oz spray cans but also available in only one pack, and these cans contain red color paint.

But also available in 8 different unique colors, including cocoa, red, aqua, kiwi, navy, slate, onyx, and peacock.

It works great on both natural and synthetic fabrics. It’s UV and weather-resistant, and it provides a perfect result without drips or splatters.

However, it dries super fast, and it won’t rub off on clothing items. Overall, if you’re looking for high-quality outdoor fabric spray paint, then you can go for this outdoor upholstery spray fabric paint.

Key Features:

  • Ideal for all types of outdoor fabric, upholstery, and clothes
  • It won’t drip or splatters
  • UV and weather-resistant
  • Won’t rub off on clothing items
  • Dries quickly

5. Simply Spray Upholstery Fabric Spray Paint

This simply spray upholstery fabric spray paint is yet another best and most popular fabric and upholstery spray paint right now on the market.

It comes in different colors, but this current pack comes with only one can.

The paint is non-toxic, non-flammable, and UV protectant. It’s perfect to use on all absorbent fabrics & upholstery. It’s not a good option for un-absorbent materials.

You can use it on your sofas, chairs, pillows, carpets, curtains, lampshades, linens, and car, boat, and RV interior as well.

But before you apply it on all surfaces, use it on a small area to test the material absorbency, if everything is okay, then use it to decorate your materials. Before you use it on your items, make sure to wash and dry your items, and then use the paint.

Key Features:

  • Ideal for all absorbent materials
  • It’s toxic-free
  • It’s non-flammable
  • It’s a permanent color
  • The color will not rub off once dry
  • People are happy with it

6. Rust Oleum Automotive Fabric and Upholstery Spray Paint

If you’re searching for fabric spray paint for painting your car seats, car door panels, vinyl car tops, dashboards, floor mats, then Rustoleum Automotive Fabric and Upholstery Spray Paint is a perfect choice for you.

It comes with only one can, and this single paint can be good enough to cover up to 12 sq feet.

It dries super fast- it takes only about 10 minutes to dry. It provides great color on fabric and vinyl surfaces, and it won’t rub off, crack or peel.

However, you can use this color on your vinyl furniture, luggage, car seats, car door panels, vinyl car tops, dashboards, floor mats, and more as well. Therefore, the paint can is cheap- it cost less than $6.

Key Features:

  • It’s inexpensive
  • Perfect for all automotive vinyl and fabric surfaces
  • It won’t rub off, crack, or peel
  • Dries in just 10 minutes
  • Very easy to use

7. Dulip Color Metallic Silver Fabric and Vinyl Spray Paint

There’re so many people searching for metallic silver color fabric and vinyl spray paint- that’s why we’ve added this Dulip Color Metallic Silver Fabric and Vinyl Spray Paint to our list.

It’s one of the most popular fabrics and vinyl spray paints on the market. It’s a single pack, but also available in six-pack as well. Also, it available in different colors as well.

It resists cracking, flaking, and peeling and provides the perfect color.

You can use this paint to decorate your car fabric and vinyl surfaces. Also, it works great on outdoor cushions, umbrellas, and more.

This particular product has more than 2k reviews on Amazon. I found, most of the users are happy with its quality and result.

Key Features:

  • Perfect silver color for vinyl and fabric
  • Resists cracking, flaking, and peeling
  • Works great on outdoor sun-faded furniture cushions
  • It has more than 2700 reviews
  • Available in different colors

8. Tulip Instant Spray Paint for Fabric

This Tulip Instant Spray Paint pack comes with only one spray can. It’s black color and ideal for fabric, clothes, and more.

Also, it available in many different colors, such as white, black, neon green, blue, brown, bubblegum pink, green, coral, emerald shimmer, gold shimmer, gray, neon blue, lemonade, mint, neon pink, neon orange, teal, purple, pewter shimmer, red, rose gold shimmer, silver shimmer, and yellow.

This fabric spray paint is permanent and machine washable. It’s an ideal option for both natural and synthetic fabrics. This tulip paint for clothes and fabrics dries fast and super soft to touch.

Overall, if you’re looking for an instant shot of beautiful, washable, permanent color for your clothes, t-shirts, and fabrics, then you can check this Tulip product.

Key Features:

  • Available in many different colors
  • This aerosol fabric spray comes in a 3-oz. spray can
  • Works on almost all types of fabrics
  • It’s affordable
  • It has more than 2k reviews

9. Tulip Glitter Spray Paint

Tulip Glitter Spray Paint is one of the most popular and easy-to-use glitter spray paint for fabric and clothes.

When I research products, I found that few people are searching for glitter spray paint for fabric & clothes- that’s why I select this product.

It comes in a 4oz pump spray bottle, and the pack contains only one bottle. It’s permanent paint, so it won’t wash out. Therefore, this product is non-toxic & eco-friendly.

It provides a wonderfully vibrant color, which is soft to touch and flexible. You can use it on all types of fabrics, but it gives the best results on light-color fabric.

Key Features:

  • Once dried, it is permanent
  • It provides vibrant color
  • Perfect for all types of clothing items
  • It is non-toxic and eco-friendly
  • It’s soft and flexible

10. Tulip Permanent Spray Paint for Clothes & Fabric

If you’re looking for fabric spray paint for t-shirts, then this Tulip Permanent Spray Paint can be a perfect option for you.

It’s ideal for all types of fabric painting projects. Also, it’s a perfect option for group activities as well.

The set comes with seven paint bottles, and these seven bottles come with seven different colors of paint. And these are non-toxic, non-aerosol, and eco-friendly as well.

These colors are permanent- so these paints won’t wash out after many washes. However, it is toxic-free- so it’s perfect and safe for all people.

Key Features:

  • Toxic-free
  • Seven different colors
  • Permanent
  • It doesn’t wash off
  • Ideal for multiple projects

Final Verdict:

After two days of hard work, I provide this top 10 best fabric spray paint review post. Here we’ve added the ten spray paints for all types of fabrics. I hope- now you can easily select spray paint for your next projects.

Also, now I hope this review content will save you money and time as well, and you’ll get the best product.

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