How Much Does Landscape Fabric Cost?

If you’re tired of removing weeds and decided to use landscaping fabric, you must be wondering how much does landscape fabric cost? Right?

Well, there is no definitive answer to this question as the cost depends on various factors. But what we can say is, on average per square feet landscape fabric can cost you around $1 to $3. These fabrics are found in various qualities and have some types as well. 

How Much Does Landscape Fabric Cost

However, if you want to know how much you should budget for landscaping fabric, this guide’s going to help you with that.

How Much Does Landscape Fabric Cost Per Square Foot?

There are mainly two types of landscape fabrics: woven and non-woven landscape fabrics. These two types of fabrics are also available in various qualities, thus, it’s not possible to mention the exact price of landscape fabrics. Plus, different manufacturers price their landscaping fabrics differently. 

But we can try to give you a range so that you get an idea of how much you should aim for. Landscaping fabric quality can be categorized into three types, low-quality, medium, and high-quality. 

On average you should budget $110 – $140 for 100 square feet of low-quality fabrics. Medium-quality fabrics can cost you around $145 – $170. And for high-quality landscape fabrics, you might need to spend over $200. 

If we break the price down to per square foot, we get the following

Landscape Fabric Per Square Foot Cost (Approximate)Low-QualityMedium-QualityHigh-quality
$1 – $1.4$1.4 – $2Over $2

As mentioned before, these prices are to give you an idea about how much you should budget. The prices might fluctuate from state to state, brand to brand. Plus, the price might fluctuate depending on the weather condition as well. 

However, there are some landscape fabric calculators that give you the fabric price in different states along with the installation costs. But these calculators aren’t always accurate. To be on the safe side, try to budget 10% to 15% more than what these calculators show. 

How Much Landscape Fabric Do I Need?

It depends on two factors mainly, the area size where you’ll be using the fabric and how many overlaps will be needed. 

In a nutshell, if the land width is 30 feet and the length is 60 feet, then the total size will be 1800 square feet.

You might not find a fabric that’s 30 feet wide. In that case, you’ll have to use multiple sheets to cover the land width.

Let’s say, you’re using 15 feet of sheets, in that case, you’ll need 2 sheets that are 15 feet wide and 60 feet long. That’s not all, you’ll have to take overlaps into account as well. 

Covering 30 feet land width using two sheets of 15 feet wide landscape fabrics that’ll produce 1 tiny gap line.

And to cover the gap line you’ll need one more sheet of fabrics measuring 8-inch wide (at least) and 60 feet long for overlaps. 

So, in total, for land that’s 30 feet wide and 60 feet long, you’ll require 3 sheets of landscaping fabric.

2 of them should be 30 feet wide and 60 feet long. And one of them needs to be 8 inches wide (at least) and 60 feet long. 

To get an idea of how much landscape fabric you may need you need to measure the area well and check the overlaps. Now let’s dive deep into this. 

Measuring the Area 

The very first step towards determining how much landscape fabric you’ll require is to measure the land area. It’s very easy to measure an area, all you’ll need is a suitable measuring tape. 

Measure the length of the land and then the width.

Multiply the length by the width, you’ll get the square foot.

For example, if the area length is 300 feet and the width is 100 feet, then it’s 30,000 square feet of land.

After getting the measurement of the area, now you’ll have to determine how many overlaps there will be. 


Landscaping fabric rolls aren’t available in all widths. The most common widths are 3, 4, 6, 8, 12.5, and 15 feet.

Therefore, if your land area has a width of 30 feet, for example, you’ll require multiple sheets of fabric. And when these sheets are laid flat beside each other, the weeds or other plants can grow through the small gap between rows. 

That’s where overlaps come in. You’ll have to measure how many gap lines there would be.

For example, if your land width is 45- feet and you’re using fabrics whose width is 15 feet, then you’ll have to lay three sheets of fabrics side by side to cover the entire land width. And there will be two gap lines (connecting spots of two sheets).

To cover up these tiny gap lines, you’ll need some extra fabric. Many experts recommend taking fabrics with at least 8-inch width for covering gap lines properly. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can I use an old sheet instead of landscape fabric?

Not all sheets are landscape fabric sheets. If a sheet has the features of landscape fabrics, then it can be used. However, experts recommend using old biodegradable cupboards for those who’re looking for an alternative to landscape fabric.

Are Landscape fabrics waterproof?

Landscape fabrics are found in both waterproof and non-waterproof versions. Waterproof ones are the best for the inhibition of weeds.

How much does it cost to install landscape fabric?

The installation cost of landscape fabrics varies from state to state. If the labor cost is high in your state, then the installation cost will be more than in the state where the labor cost is low.

Plus, the installation cost depends on some other factors as well such as weather, soil condition, etc. But on average, installing these fabrics can cost $0.40 – $3.00.


To sum it up, for a good-quality landscape fabric you should budget at least $2 per square foot. And when purchasing fabric, make sure to buy a little more than the measurement, you’ll thank us later. However, if you went through this guide, now you at least have an idea of how much landscape fabric costs

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