How to Replace Awning Fabric on Electric Awning: Best Way

Did you notice that your awning fabric is cracked following a gust of wind? Or is the canopy getting fade under the sun? Hence, it’s failing to give you the shade you need.

It’s high time you altered your electric canopy’s fabric. Replacement of the sunshade that runs on the motor is a little daunting task. It calls for some techniques and unique ideas.

But wait. Are you not aware of how to replace awning fabric on electric awning? We’ve come across a bunch of users who find it tricky to do so.

How to replace awning fabric on electric awning
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Well, say farewell to all your hassles. You’re in a stroke of luck with us. We’re ready to disclose the nuts and bolts of methods to help you recover your canopy fabric-changing issues.

So, let us first discover the handy tools and step-by-step guide to having your hanging cover’s fabric replaced!

How to Replace Awning Fabric on Electric Awning: Step-by-Step Guide

Things You’ll Need:

Essential Materials:

  • Selected fabric for awning
  • Drill
  • Socket
  • Wrench
  • Lubricant spray
  • Marker
  • Wooden blocks
  • Measuring tape
  • Razor knife
  • Zip Tie

Optional Items:

  • Screwdriver
  • Rivet gun
  • Replacement rivets
  • Grips
  • Self-tapping screw

How to alter the fabric of power awning?

Electric canopy is easy to operate, open shading and retract. You don’t need to follow any manual process. But when it comes to making a change in its fabric, it seems like hard rock breaks if you lack ideas.

To help you crack your discomforts, I recommend you go through the steps dictated below:

Step 1: Measuring the size of fabric for awning

The very first task is to take a precise measurement. Want to use your old fabric to get an idea of the size? No, such a decision may cause delusion. For that you better,

  • Take one arm of the canopy as the center.
  • Hold your tape of scaling from one unit to the other.
  • The distance judged caters to the size of your canopy fabric.

And you’re done with your first step!

Step 2: Selection of fabric material

When it comes to the canopy fabric material, you can either opt for acrylic or vinyl. Let’s know more about the two fabric types:

Acrylic fabrics:

  • It’s a breathable material.
  • It keeps the awning always calm and relaxed.
  • Dries faster
  • Its surface coating repels water.
  • Retains vibrant colors

Vinyl fabrics:

  • Guess what? It’s waterproof!
  • Ease of cleaning
  • Repair with zero hassles when necessary
  • Don’t get stuck with tree saps.
  • It packs a lighter hit.

Are you iffy about what to choose? Well, if you’re planning to keep the sun shades on for a long-time trip, acrylic gives you a better use. 

Step 3: Extending the awning

Next, you need to allow your electric canopy to roll out. Wait a bit. Is your awning fabric plain or comes with any décor?

  • In case of lights or accessories attached: While replacing the fabric, you need to look if its poly cords hold lighting setups or other supplies. If yes, the reliable option for you is to go for a full extension.
  • In the case of a plain fabric: You won’t need to pull it out all the way unless your awning has lights or other accessories. Extending 12 inches will work!

Step 4: Working with the awning bolts

Are you ready with the screwdriver and wrench in your hands? Good. It’s because we’re now about to work to loosen the bolts holding the canopy cloth.

  • Bolts at the top of canopy arms: An electric awning comes with four top bolts, two on each edge. The bolt size may vary as per the changes in the model. Now with a slightly extended awning, take out each of the bolts.
  • Bottom bolts: To detach the motor canopy fabric, unclasp the bolts at the canopy arms’ bottom.
  • Bolts at the sliding Fabric route: The awning comes with a channel where the fabric slides. If you give a close eye, you’ll get to view at least two screws over there. Unbolt them!

The fabric of the awning is not as light as it seems. So, we’d ask you to call for at least two aiding hands.

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Step 5: Lifting and removing the awning

Now no screws or bolts are clasping your electric canopy. So why wait? Lift it, walk it down the sliding route and remove it!

If still, you’re unable to make your removal moves, follow the:

  • Elevate your awning on high-rising blocks
  • Find the old sealant that holds your canopy fabric.
  • Cut it and make its way to the track.
  • Roll down your cover to the ground

Make sure you follow each step keeping your awning safe from any hit or scratch.

Step 6: Pull out the arms.

Take a look at the side of the awning with no retract lever. Here you’ll find a small hole concealed with a plug on the end cap. Next,

  • Insert a mini screwdriver into the arm sides
  • Lock the spring tension with the tool
  • Activated the locking mechanism of the spring? Check
  • Next, move to the front part of the canopy.
  • Unclasp the bolts carrying the arms with the bracket

Now prep yourself to pull out the arms from the rollers. Only follow it if yours contains lock settings. Otherwise, jump to step 7.

Step 7: Releasing the tension

Were the brackets in the arms while pulling the arms? Your work is done there. But if not, then it’s time to free your motor awning and its fabric from the spring tension.

You must be wondering about the steps. Well, keep calm and stick to the methods I say:

  • Add a bracket to the roller.
  • Insert a screw through the bracket along with a roller bar
  • Rotate the bracket slightly forward, holding it tight
  • Keep rotating with a pair of grips or hands until the springs unroll.
  • Have you secured a firm grip? You better!
  • And release the spring tension off the rollers!

A crucial tip: Keep a count on the number of rotations to unscrew. It’ll ease your task while replacing the awning with a new fabric, applying the right amount of tension.

Step 8: Undoing the spring assembly

Get to the front part of the canopy with the extending lever and start working as follows:

  • Mark the position of the retract lever with a marker
  • Create an identifiable spot across the spring cap and roller tube
  • Detach the rivets, screws, and bolts using a rivet gun
  • Hold the back cap exactly in its state.
  • Get a move on the lid and remove the spring assembly.

The marks will make the replacing and reassembling process easier. Set the cap and the assembly aside.

An important note: Were you working on the left side or from the back? In that case, you’ll find no lever. So, the step won’t add to your necessity.

Step 9: Unrolling the fabric

Now, the time is to unroll the awning cloth. After you’ve tactically locked the spring opening mechanism, find and mark the following fabric section:

  • Main fabric section: Mark it with an “M.”
  • Valance section: Mark it with a “V.”

Please take out the old fabric to make a place for replacing it with a new one!

Step 10: Altering electric awning fabric

You made it to reach the final stage. Replacement of the fabric! Let’s know the nuts and bolts of the process:

Preparing the layout:

  • Slide the canopy fabric out of the rolling bar
  • Use a razor knife to separate the primary and valance material, cutting between the poly cords.
  • Prepare a design for your altered fabric with a ground-facing pattern.

Separating sections:

  • Remove the separated fabric sections.
  • Find your assembly points.
  • Identify the two cords on the end sides.

Sliding section’s cord:

  • Lubricate each of the channels with silicone spray for ease of use
  • The smaller channel represents the valance cord, while the larger is the main cord.
  • Take the valance cord and insert it in the section you marked earlier as “V.”
  • Slide the main cable that you kept as “M.”

Placing the fabric:

  • Find the distance you measured in between the arms, centering them.
  • Divide it into half
  • Measure it on the roller from the cap end groove
  • Finally, move your fabric to the exact point.


  • Roll up the awning fabric
  • Reinstall the detached spring assembly
  • Redo the bolts and rivets
  • Lift the lever to rotate the bracket as per the noted number of rotations

And there you’re with a replaced fabric on your power awning!

Final Words:

Electric awnings are easy to control and retract by pressing a simple tiny button. But what to do if your awning fabric loses its sun-blocking trait or tears off?

That’s an irony. Calling for experts may not fit your budget. But with our foolproof techniques, you’re ready to put your budget issues aside.

It’s because our steps made you know how to replace awning fabric on the electric awning. But don’t try to manage it all by yourself. Two hands work better in this case.

So, stop weeping. Please bring a new cloth to use on your canopy and alter it as I guide you!

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