The 10 Best Landscape Fabric for Every Use in 2022

Landscape fabric is the best weed barrier for keeping yard & garden weeds free.

Here, we’ve added and reviewed the top 10 best landscape fabrics. So, if you need a high-quality landscaping fabric, read the 10 product reviews one by one, and then purchase one that you need for your garden, flowerbeds, or backyard.

Landscape fabric is the best weed barrier for keeping yard & garden weeds-free. So, if you want to keep your garden, flowerbeds, and yard weeds-free for a long time without using harmful chemicals, then landscape fabric is the best solution for you.

Usually, landscape weed barrier fabric works as a physical barrier between soil and sun (sunlight)- which means it blocks weed seeds from seeing the day-light, and that’s why weed seeds don’t get a chance to grow through- at the same time lets the water, air, nutrients to pass through for your plants. This feature helps your plants to grow fast and healthier.

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However, landscape fabrics are easy to use & long-lasting- some of them even last for 20+ years (most of them last for 5,10,15 years). To get a high-quality & heavy duty landscape fabric, read our full review post.

Top 10 Best Landscape Fabric Reviews

1. Southwest Boulder & Stone Non-Woven Commercial Landscape Fabric

This Southwest Boulder & Stone Commercial Grade Landscape Fabric is 6′ x 300′ feet, which means the roll is perfect for big projects. It’s one of the best commercial grade weed block cloth right now on the market. The fabric roll is quite expensive, but it’s sturdy, durable, tear-resistant, long-lasting, and comes with a 20-year warranty.

Therefore, this Southwest Boulder & Stone fabric is a non-woven fabric that won’t break down quickly. It’s one of the perfect choices for those who want to keep their yard weeds-free for a long time. This non-woven fabric is chemical-free, allows water, air, and nutrients to pass through, and keeps the soil healthy & fertile.

However, this fabric is multi-purpose & easy to install, and it’s ideal for use under hardscape areas, gardens, planters, slopes & hillsides, and almost anywhere you want to keep weeds free and beautiful.

Note: after installing this fabric in your yard, make sure to cover it with a minimum of two inches of soil, mulch, or stone. Also, use landscape staples to hold it in place.


  • The fabric roll is perfect for a large area
  • Won’t break down quickly
  • It’s sturdy, durable, and tear-resistant
  • It allows water, air, and nutrients to pass-through
  • Easy to lay down
  • Keeps the soil underneath healthy & fertile
  • Provides long term weed protection
  • Comes with 20 years warranty


  • Quite expensive
  • If you don’t cover up a minimum of two inches with stone, soil, or mulch, sunlight can damage the fabric

2. Ecogardener 5oz Heavy Duty Professional Grade Landscaping Fabric

Ecogardener is one of the most popular weed barrier fabric brands right now on the market. This Ecogardener 5oz landscape fabric is a professional grade landscape fabric. This current pack comes with 4ft by 250 ft fabric roll but also available in 3ftx50ft, 3ftx100ft, 3ftx250ft, 4ftx50ft, 4ftx100ft.

This Ecogardener fabric is lightweight but durable and heavy-duty, and it provides full and superior weed control. Also, it’s super easy to use, and it’s long-lasting- which means the Ecogardener weed blocking fabric will provide weed protection for a long-time.

However, the Ecogardener fabric is chemical-free, and it let air and water through. Also, keep weeds away from the garden for a long time. Therefore, it’s perfect for both cold and hot weather.

Overall, if you’re tired of weeds, and if you’d like to protect your garden, yard, or home garden without using chemicals, you can try this Ecogardener landscape weed barrier fabric.


  • It provides perfect weed control for a long time
  • Available in many different sizes
  • It’s super easy to use
  • The fabric lets the water and air to pass through
  • It’s one of the most professional landscaping ground cover fabrics
  • The product is eco-friendly
  • It’s chemical-free
  • It comes with a money-back guarantee


  • Some gardeners found that few weeds still grow through
  • There’re no other cons found

3. Dewitt Sunbelt Landscape Fabric | Woven Ground Cover Fabric

Dewitt is yet another most popular and well-known landscape weed barrier fabric brand on the market. This Dewitt Sunbelt Landscape Fabric is 4ft by 250ft roll, which is 3.5-ounce, woven, and made from 100% Polypropylene.

This Dewitt Woven Ground Cover Fabric pack is expensive- but comes with two rolls of 4ft by 250ft fabric, which means if you select this pack, you don’t have to buy another roll for big projects.

This Dewitt fabric roll is an ideal option for greenhouses, outdoor displays, gardens, and more. The fabric is heavy-duty, durable, and sturdy, which provides heavy weed protection for a long time- this fabric will last for five years.

However, it’s tear and UV-resistant, so even if you’re not cover up it with stone, rocks, soils, or mulch, sunlight can’t damage it. It’s super easy to use- even if you’re using it for the first time, you will be able to use it without any problem, but for cutting this fabric you’ll need a heavy-duty scissor or knife. Therefore, the ground cover fabric has striped after every 12 inches to help you align your plants.


  • Pack comes with two rolls
  • The ground cover provides premium weed protection
  • It’s heavy-duty, durable, sturdy, and UV & tear resistant
  • Ideal for the big projects
  • Lets the water, nutrients, and air to pass through
  • Keeps the soil in a perfect condition
  • It has striped every 12 inches to help align plants
  • Comes with a 5-year warranty


  • Little bit pricey
  • Little bit hard to cut through with normal scissors

4. FLARMOR 12′ by 250′ Woven Landscape Fabric

This FLARMOR 12′ by 250′ Woven Landscape Fabric is an ideal option for effective & long-time protection from weeds. This Flamor fabric is a woven material, and it allows to pass water, air, and nutrients through it- at the same time, it keeps weeds away from the yard or garden.

The fabric roll is perfect for garden, flower bed, driveway, drainage, or anywhere you want to keep weed-free. Therefore, it’s not only made for preventing weed- but also it’s an ideal option for creating a landscape design.

However, the landscape material helps to combat erosion and protects soil from sudden weather changes as well. It’s eco-friendly, which means it’s safe for your garden and yard soil.

Also, it comes with 30 days money-back guarantee, so if you need a 12′ wide landscape fabric, you can go for this FLARMOR 12′ by 250′ Woven Fabric.


  • It’s Ideal for long-time weed control
  • It’s environmentally friendly
  • The fabric roll suits in any garden
  • The fabric allows air, nutrients, and water to go through
  • Keeps the soil in good condition
  • It comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee


  • Few users of this fabric are not happy with it
  • We didn’t found any other bad thing about it

5. Happybuy Geotextile Ground Cover Fabric

This Happybuy Geotextile Ground Cover made from polypropylene fabric, and it comes in a 6ft by 300ft roll.

It’s perfect for the commercial greenhouse, yard, and garden. Therefore, it’s yet another most durable landscape fabric on the market.

The fabric is sturdy, durable, and tear-resistant that is won’t break down so fast.

It’s an ideal option for homeowners & gardeners who wants to keep their garden & yard weed-free and looking perfect. It’s chemical-free and easy to use.

However, this garden fabric lets the air & water through and conserving the soil moisture & preserving its value. Some people use this fabric on their walkways, farm, and heavy rain areas, and they’re happy with its duty.

Also, it’s a perfect fabric for making grow bag because it has excellent drainage. If you use this fabric as a grow bag, it will help to prevent root rot(because it has an excellent drainage feature).


  • It made from a high-quality polypropylene fabric
  • It’s sturdy, durable, and tear-resistant material
  • It won’t break down over the time
  • Ideal for homeowners and gardeners
  • Designed to let air and water through
  • The fabric protects the yard and garden from weeds for a long time


  • It’s not too much thick
  • No other cons

6. Dewitt Pro 5 Landscape Weed Barrier Fabric

This Dewitt Pro 5 Landscape Weed Barrier Fabric is yet another high-quality landscape weed blocking fabric, and it’s Dewitt’s best.

The roll comes with one pack of 3ftx250ft fabric. It’s one of the heavy-weight weed blocking fabric, and it’s a multi-layer woven needle punch polypropylene fabric.

Therefore, it’s hydrophilic treated, letting air, water, and nutrients through the fabric.

It saves big on watering, keeps the current plants healthier, and provides complete weed control.

The fabric is thick and easy to use- to install this fabric- you don’t have to hire someone- you can install it yourself by working a few hours. The product also available in 5-pack, so if you’re covering up a big area, you can purchase the 5-pack package.

However, the fabric is designed for commercial and professional use. It has almost 700 reviews on Amazon, most of the users are happy with this Dewitt Pro 5 Landscape Fabric. So, if you’re searching for a heavy-weight and thick fabric for your yard or garden, you can check this Dewitt’s fabric.


  • It’s one of the heavy-weight and thick
  • The fabric provides a complete weed protection
  • Keeps the soil and plants healthier
  • It saves big on watering
  • Sunlight can’t damage it soo quickly


  • The fabric roll is expensive
  • Some user says that a few weeds still grow through the fabric

7. HOOPLE Ultra Thick Garden Weed Blocker Cloth

This HOOPLE Ultra Thick Garden Weed Blocker Cloth is a thick landscape fabric, which is two to three times thicker than some other options available on the market.

It’s an ideal option for garden and flower beds, but also it’s perfect for heavy traffic areas such as driveways and walkways.

The thick and durable fabric is a time and money-saving option for gardeners because it keeps the garden and flower beds weed-free for a long time.

Therefore, it’s chemical-free, environmentally-friendly, doesn’t harm the ecosystem of the yard, and helps to grow the currant plants healthier.

However, it’s UV stabilized, and you can use it without covering it up with mulch, soil, or stone. Also, this heavy-duty fabric comes with five years warranty. So, if you’re searching for a weed blocker fabric to use on your garden or flower beds, then you can go for this particular fabric.


  • It’s a heavy-duty and thicker weed blocker fabric
  • Perfect for using on garden & flower beds
  • Keeps weeds free for a long time
  • It’s eco-friendly and chemical-free
  • Comes with a five-year warranty


  • Some users found it break down if you leave without covered in a very sunny area
  • No other complaint

8. WAENLIR Heavy Duty Landscape Ground Cover Fabric

The WAENLIR Heavy Duty Ground Cover Fabric is a 5.8 oz 4ft by 250ft fabric- It’s made from a tightly woven needle-punched polypropylene fabric. This same product is also available in 3ft by 100ft, 3ft by 250ft, 4ft by 100ft, 5ft by 100ft, and 5ft by 250ft.

It’s durable and breathable and uses a dual-layer system that is ideal for blocking sunlight and weeds from the yard & garden.

Therefore, the fabric is weatherproof, so it works great in both cold and hot weather.

The fabric is easy to install- you can unroll the fabric, cut it, and install it in your garden or anywhere you want. It’s a multi-purpose landscape weed barrier fabric. It’s an ideal fabric for patio, backyard, under rocks, sidewalk underliner, driveway, all landscaping, and garden areas.

Also, it has striped for easy plant alignment. And then, it has only 29 reviews, but all the reviews are positive. So, if you like it, you can go for this fabric.


  • It’s a 5.8oz heavy-duty weed barrier
  • Available in different sizes
  • Made from tightly woven polypropylene fabric
  • Easy to cut and install
  • It’s environmentally-friendly and multi-purpose


  • It’s expensive- cost $100+ for 4ftby250ft fabric roll
  • No other cons founded

9. AHG Garden 20 Year Premium Black Landscaping Fabric

AHG Garden 20 Year Premium Landscaping Fabric is yet another popular and well-known landscape fabric.

The roll contains 3ft by 300ft fabric- It’s perfect enough for medium or large areas.

The fabric is long-lasting- if you can manage to install it properly, it will last for 20-year.

But after laying down this fabric on your yard or garden, you need to cover it up with mulch, stone, or soil to get long-term weed protection.

If you don’t cover it up with soil, mulch, or stone, the fabric will break down after a few years or months. The fabric has over 1400 customer reviews on Amazon, and 73% of customer reviews are positive.


  • It can last up to 20 years
  • The fabric is easy to install and manage
  • Allows nutrients, air, and water to pass through
  • Keeps the soil healthier for plants
  • It has 73% positive customer reviews


  • Need to cover up with mulch, soil, or stone immediately
  • Some user complaint that some weeds still grow through

10. Scotts Pro Landscape Fabric- 25-years

This Scotts Landscape Fabric is our last pick, but it’s yet another perfect fabric for weed controls.

The Scotts Pro Fabric is not that thick and heavy fabric, but it’s a heavy-duty fabric to prevent weeds from the yard.

It’s one of the long-lasting fabric options for keeping weeds away.

The fabric is thin & light-weight, but it’s a medium quality, heavy-duty weed barrier. Therefore, it’s a non-woven fabric, and it’s perfect for walkways, driveways, home yard, and more.

However, this fabric has excellent water drainage and stay well in the sun, and it’s cheap. Also, it keeps even hard weeds away from the yard. Some people say that it doesn’t let the water, air, and nutrients pass through properly.

So, we don’t recommend it to use in your garden- you can use this fabric in your backyard, patio, walkways, and home yard.


  • It’s an inexpensive option
  • It’s lightweight but heavy-duty
  • Keeps the yard weed-free for a long time
  • Provides heavy-duty weed protection
  • It can last up to 25 years


  • It’s not an ideal option for garden and flower beds
  • No other cons available

Final Words:

After long research, we’ve added these top 10 best landscaping fabrics, and these landscape fabrics are the best right now on the market.

But don’t just select one- before you purchase one- please make sure to read the product description, and then go for one that is perfect for your yard or garden.

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