What is Lawn Fabric? History, Pros Cons, Uses, Price [A to Z]

Fabric is something that we can’t ignore at any moment of the day. Fabric is everywhere. If you’re enthusiastic about fabric or just want to know what is lawn cloth after seeing any uncommon type of fabric, this guide is for you.

What is Lawn Fabric

Maximum thread count, and thin, and sheer cotton are the core features of lawn fabric. Plain weave and relatively silky texture are additional qualities. Most of these fabrics are made of combed yarn. Including all these things, if you find that the fabric is quite lightweight – you can be confirmed that the fabric is lawn-type.

You can notice this fabric in handkerchiefs, blouses, and different types of summer dresses. It’s comfortable enough and you can maintain its quality without any extra hassle. In this guide, we’re going to clarify some more relevant points about lawn fabric.

What is Lawn Fabric?

Do you ever wonder what lawn fabric is? Okay, let’s know a little bit about it. Lawn fabric is one of the most popular, lightweight, and comfortable fabrics. Usually, it makes from 100% cotton. That’s why it’s also known as cotton lawn or lawn fiber. Most of the time, combed yarns are used to make the fabric, sometimes carded yarns.

what is lawn cloth

It’s a fine plain wave textile with high thread count and breathability. So, the thread count indicates the number of threads woven in a square inch. The variations are 150 to 200. It gives the fabric a fine silky feel.

Lawn cloth is popular for its semi-transparent quality. Generally, most of the manufacturers produce this fabric in bleached white, and then they print it in different patterns to make them more fascinating.

This fabric is commonly used for women’s garments such as blouses, dresses, nightwear, etc. It’s suitable to wear in all seasons, summer and spring. The high breathability qualities can offer a cooler feel in hot conditions. It is also quite easy to clean and maintain. Make sure to follow your garments care label while using.

History of Lawn Cloth

Do you know the history behind the name of the most demanding lawn cloth? Where was this cloth first woven? Okay, we’ll get into that.

“Lawn cloth” is derived from the name Laon. The Laonis a city in France, situated in northern France. Also, this textile was first woven in this city.

History of Lawn Cloth

Initially, this casual fabric was produced from linen in the 16th century. At that time, there was an abundance of linen in Europe. It was cheap also. Later, this comfortable fabric started being manufactured with cotton. It assumes that the lawn production process moved from linen to cotton in the 20th century.

Generally, cotton was imported from India. Lawn cloth weavers found this as a golden opportunity and they invested in it. They started making lawn cloth from cotton. And, surprisingly this version became more popular than the previous one.

Consequently, at the same time, French lawn cloth was making its way into India, and Indian cotton was making its way into France.

The weavers of India started making salwar kameez suits with this lightweight fabric. It was also familiar as a lawn suit due to its incorporation of European fabric weave. The salwar suits became very popular in Pakistan also. Nowadays, India is the biggest cotton lawn cloth exporting country in the world.

What is Lawn Cloth Fabric Made of?

When you have a basic idea about lawn cloth, a few common questions may arise in your mind. What is the material of lawn cloth? Following which method is this cloth made? Well, the manufacturer follows the standard plain-weave production method. It is known as a plain-weave textile.

What is Lawn Cloth Fabric Made of

This method has been around for centuries. It makes the fabric suitable for cutting and sewing. But there is another machine called the mechanized loom. Most textile factories used this to make cloth.

As I said before, these days, lawn cloth is usually made of cotton fibers. Through the centuries, cotton fiber was traditionally processed by hand, until the early 18th and 19th centuries. After that period, the automated processing machine was invented.

The fabric’s making procedure is a long journey. It starts with the cotton farming field. Before cotton arrives at the textile mill to be spun into thread and woven into the fabric, it makes the journey from field to bale.

Firstly, need to collect the fluffy seed cotton. Generally, a harvesting machine called a cotton picker is used to do this job. Through some other processes, the seed cotton is prepared for final processing.

Then the cotton fibers make up yarn and this beautiful lightweight fabric is woven with that yarn. When the desired fabric is ready, it is printed or dyed in different patterns to attain an attractive look. After fabricating the fabric into cloth, manufacturers use it to make fashionable dresses, baby wear, household items, etc.

What is Lawn Cloth Fabric Used for?

Lawn cloth is used in multiple sectors. It’s commonly used to make clothes like dresses, blouses, nightwear, baby wear, shirt, lawn suits, etc. Not only that but it’s also used to make other accessories and home furnishing products like handkerchiefs, aprons, cushion covers, curtains (Check here), etc.

What is Lawn Cloth Fabric Used for

Considering the traditional aspect, it was initially used to make women’s linen clothes in the 19th and 20th centuries. It was mostly used in making blouses and handkerchiefs due to its crispness properties. But nowadays lawn suits have gained the most popularity, especially in India and Pakistan.

Their fashion houses manufactured a wide variety of designer lawn suits and sold them, especially in urban areas. They have gained equal acceptance in the international arena as well.

Pinafores made of lawn fabric have become the most fascinating in western fashion these days. These are lightweight sleeveless dresses that young girls wear over their clothes. Typically this fashionable dress can be collarless. It is tied or buttoned at the back.

Lawn cloth is breathable and highly absorbent. However, it dries very quickly. Its properties are easy to dye. Moreover, it is recyclable. So, lawn cloth has so many uses than we think. It can be customized according to the customer’s needs.

Among many other uses, lawn clothes are the ideal choice for making undergarments. The fabric provides ultimate comfort. Therefore, any type of dressmaking with lawn fabric can give you a soothing experience.

Types of Lawn Cloth Fabric

Lawn cloth has different variations. There are some other types of clothes that are very close to this fabric. The variations come in forms because of the manufacturing process, prints, and dyes. Let’s take a look at some variations.

Types of Lawn Cloth Fabric

Nainsook: It is not a different fabric but a subtype of genuine lawn fabric. It is an additional yield while manufacturing lawn cloth in the combed yarn process. Nainsook fabric has similar qualities to lawn cloth, but it is ultra-soft.

Batiste: This fabric is equivalent to cotton lawn cloth. But it is the finest type of fabric than lawn cloth. It is elegant and highly comfortable. You can see its use in ecclesiastical dresses.

Organdy: This is a semi-transparent cotton fabric. It has the crispest feature. When manufacturing different clothes, manufacturers use a variety of finishes to change the crispness. Sometimes, users can hardly determine the difference between Organdy and lawn cloth.

Cambric: Cambric and batiste are materially the same cloth. But they are different because of their first production history. Cambric is densest than other fabrics. This fabric is mostly used in lacework and embroideries.

Lawn Cloth Fabric Pros and Cons

Like any other clothes, lawn cloth has some pros and cons. Let’s take a look at its pros as well as cons.

Lawn Cloth Fabric Pros and Cons


  • Lawn cloth is lightweight and a bit shiny.
  • It is sheer and provides an elegant appearance.
  • The fabric is breathable and so, it offers coziness.
  • It is recyclable, thus it saves the environment.
  • It is multipurpose; can be used for personal use and home décor.
  • This cloth is an integral part of some countries’ cultures like Pakistan.
  • It has great use in women’s clothing.
  • It is also used in fabric accessories like handkerchiefs, aprons, and collar cuffs.


  • Printing can’t be accurate in lawn cloth.
  • Another problem is inappropriate dyeing.
  • The cloth can’t tolerate high washing cycles and high temperatures.
  • Harsh detergents can damage the cloth.

How Much Does Lawn Fabric Cost?

Lawn fabric is quite a unique type of fabric. Still, it has some alternatives. However, the fabric is available in different price ranges. I have checked online and noticed that you will need to spend $8 to $39 for a yard of lawn fabric.

How Much Does Lawn Fabric Cost

The manufacturing process, brand, print, and many other things determine the price of the fabric. Designer, printed, and solid cotton is available at different rates. Designer lawn fabrics require you to spend a bit more.

Lightweight and comfortable lawn fabric can charge you up to $39. You need to spend $8 per yard for an average lawn cloth. However, you can buy quality lawn fabric for $25.

Where to Buy Lawn Cloth Fabric?

This is the time when everything is easily available. If you don’t prefer to go to the market or the nearest store, simply check online and you will find a great source to buy your desired item online.

Where to Buy Lawn Cloth Fabric

For your lawn cloth, this is also true. There are many online stores that sell lawn cloth. You can go for well-known stores and newly arrived stores as well. Some stores are particularly working to distribute lawn fabric. These stores are definitely a great choice.

However, I can name some reliable stores where you can buy lawn cloth without hesitation. First, I recommend you Amazon, the greatest online store where you can find a huge collection of lawn fabrics. At last, you can pick the right one after reading reviews that are made by real buyers.

Etsy is another option to pick a perfect lawn piece. Though this is not a huge source you will not be disappointed. You can find lawn fabric at an affordable rate.

And lastly, you can visit Walmart. Different types of lawn clothes are available here. Depending on your budget, you can select your chosen fabric. If you spend some time researching, your small expense can bring you the finest lawn cloth from this store.

Final Words

Lawn fabric has so many things to love. It can give you a beautiful look with elegance and comfort. When you’re using it for your home décor or other things, it will add a gorgeous appearance. It definitely offers so many pleasant things, but what will you do about it?

Well, it doesn’t expect anything from you but cares. If you properly care for your lawn cloth, the cloth will last long without losing the actual quality. There is actually nothing to worry about when it comes to caring for your lawn cloth.

You can easily wash this in the washing machine. Though the fabric is sturdy, you should use a gentle cycle. Avoid harsh chemical detergents as chemicals can spoil the cloth. You can dry it in the sun. Machine drying is also applicable.

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